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What is the best choice for granite crusher with an output of 300-500 tons?

A: Production of granite with loader and car into the bin, after warehouse ZG1538 under vibrating feeder evenly feeding PPE1200 * as is known to all, granite can be used as a paving and construction materials, but because of its high hardness granite, difficult to broken, so customers in the system was carried out on the granite sand, as far as possible the choice of laminated type crusher equipment, In this way, the consumption of wear-resistant parts can be reduced. Mine open 1500 jaw crusher (jaw break). After crushing, the mixture is sent to PF1315 impact crusher for secondary crushing and shaping. After the secondary crushing and shaping of the mixture into 3YK2670 vibrating screen for a screening, unqualified aniseed back to PF1315 impact crusher, screening out a finished material, under the screen of the mixture into two vibrating screen 2YK2670 for secondary screening. The finished stone material from two screens shall be stacked by belt conveyor. In the production process of traditional granite sand production line, simple jaw crusher plus cone crusher or fine jaw crusher can not meet the requirements of building materials. Because this kind of granite gravel in the needle flake and internal crack gravel content is too high.

What is used for dolomite crusher?

A: Application of dolomite in these areas is commonly used as admixture, this requires the application of dolomite should be the form of powder, this gives dolomite fines grinding equipment - the cloud stone mill powder machine provides a great play space, and as dolomite directly processing equipment, the choice of the cloud stone mill powder machine is natural also is critical, Its performance and processing effect will directly affect the application effect and application field of dolomite in later period. Dolomite crusher is given priority to with impact to brittle material crushing machine, with the leap of economy, science and technology innovation and development to become the primary condition of progress of The Times, as domestic sand broken manufacturing industry leader, good work always adhere to the continuous efforts of industry technological innovation, to improve product technology content, to optimize product performance. Dolomite crusher to keep up with the pace of The Times is the first thing we must do, but the company actively become the best at the same time, but also constantly absorb the essence, stand out in the industry.

What does coal ash desulfurization equipment use?

Answer: vertical mill

What is the desulphurization process of power plant?

A: In 1998, China's installed thermal power capacity was 209.88 million kw, accounting for 75.7% of the total installed capacity. Sulfur dioxide emissions were about 7.8 million tons, accounting for 37.3 percent of China's sulfur dioxide emissions. It is expected to reach 40% in 2000 and 60% in 2010. In 1995, acid rain and sulfur dioxide pollution caused an economic loss of over 110 billion yuan in crops, forests and human health, accounting for nearly 2 percent of the gross national product of the year and becoming an important factor restricting China's economic and social development. At present, foreign countries have accumulated relatively mature experience in controlling sulfur dioxide emission pollution, but due to limited financial and material resources, the introduction of these advanced processes and equipment, engineering investment and operation costs are very expensive. We should combine the national conditions and network conditions, and on the basis of digesting and absorbing various desulphurization technologies at home and abroad, seek desulphurization solutions that are simple and efficient, meet the requirements of environmental protection, and reduce investment and operating costs. The working principle of the vertical mill is driven by the motor through the reducer to rotate the mill, so that the material through the air lock feeder from the feed port to fall in the middle of the mill, while the hot air from the air inlet into the mill. As the rotation of wheel material under the action of centrifugal force, the margin of the mill by the wind ring high-speed airflow, the larger particles directly into a millstone to grinding, separator, the flow of material into the lead department under the effect of rotating rotor, coarse powder from the cone hopper fall to mill grinding, qualified fine powder with airflow grinding, through collecting dust collecting device, namely for the product, The material containing moisture is dried in the process of contacting with hot gas. By adjusting the temperature of hot air, it can meet the requirements of different humidity materials and achieve all the requirements of product moisture. By adjusting the separator, the thickness required by different products can be achieved.

Several reasons affecting roll rotation of Raymond mill

A: Raymond mill is the earlier use of milling equipment in the milling industry, mainly using the grinding room roller and grinding ring grinding material, grinding material process through the rotation of the roller, so that the roller and grinding ring between the strong grinding pressure and friction, so that the material is more fully grinding, If the rotation of the mill roller is not flexible, it will greatly reduce the grinding capacity of the Raymond mill, so that the grain size of the mill is coarser. Raymond mill in operation, the roller is mainly driven by hanging inside a grinding machine shaft, and hanging shaft is driven by motor suspension shaft to realize the rotation of sliding bearing, so the roller rotation and axial suspension of sliding bearing have a straight answer, if in the grinding powder during, roller rotation is not flexible, should be first to check whether there is abnormal internal hanging shaft bearing, When mill vents of the gap is too big, can make the dust and dust into the material hanging shaft within the mill chamber, and then fell on the suspended between the axis of the sliding bearing, the bearing lubricating oil and dust mixed to form a large amount of sludge and oil, at this time the quality of the lubricating oil are destroyed, lost good lubrication, will make bearing friction increases, And block the flexible rotation of bearings, but also slow down the rotation of grinding roller, affecting the work of grinding materials. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will only produce more sludge, and then lead to the sliding bearing and suspension shaft locked, forcing the roller to stop rotating, causing the phenomenon of boring car or burning out the motor. Sometimes if the sliding bearing is short of oil, it will also affect its flexible rotation.

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