How to check the storage of the vibrating screen

Source: Zhejiang Wujing Machinery Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019-01-02

The equipment needs to be assembled and loaded without load before leaving the factory. After checking the various indicators, the equipment can be shipped. Therefore, after the equipment is shipped to the use site, the user should check the whole machine according to the packing list and the complete equipment invoice. Whether the parts are complete and whether the technical documents are leaking.

After the equipment arrives at the scene, it should not be placed directly on the ground. It should be placed smoothly on the flat sleepers and the distance from the ground should be no less than 250mm. If stored in the open air, cover with oil-proof cloth to prevent weathering. The high frequency vibrating screen high frequency vibrating screen is referred to as high frequency screen, and the high frequency vibrating screen (high frequency screen) is composed of vibration exciter, slurry distributor, screen frame, frame, suspension spring and screen mesh.

The high frequency vibrating screen (high frequency screen) has high efficiency, small amplitude and high screening frequency. The principle of high-frequency vibrating screen is different from that of ordinary screening equipment. Due to the high frequency of high-frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency screen), on the one hand, the tension on the surface of the slurry and the high-speed oscillation of the fine-grained material on the screen surface are destroyed, which accelerates. The large density of useful minerals and separation increases the probability of contact with the mesh of the separated particles.