Summer open pit mine equipment should be safe

Source: Zhejiang Wujing Machinery Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019-01-03

It marks the real arrival of the hotter summer, which is also a test for many open-pit mining machinery. With the coming of summer, mine equipment needs to do a good job of spot and patrol inspection. What are the specific contents? Listen to the Wujing Machine for your details. 

1. Major inspections of cooling system (water-cooling, air-cooling) and lubrication system of various mining machinery are carried out through routine inspection, weekly inspection and professional inspection. Cleaning, tightening and lubricating all parts of cooling system and lubrication system are carried out to clean up scales of cooling system as far as possible so as to improve the heat dissipation effect. Keep the cooling system unblocked and speed up the circulation of cooling water. Clean, clean and tighten the lubrication system oil line and joint to keep the lubrication oil line clean and unblocked. 

2. Check the water pump-fan transmission tape. After long-term use, the tape will produce fatigue, deformation and reduce the cooling effect. When replacing the tape, pay attention to the type and length, and check and adjust its tightness. 

3. Check the upper and lower water pipes connected to the water tank. Because the oil resistance of the upper and lower pipes is poor, they are easy to be damaged in the early stage, thus affecting the water supply and causing the temperature rise of the transmitter to be too high. Inspection of cracks and leaks should be promptly eliminated. At the same time, adequate cooling water should be maintained and added in time if insufficient cooling water is found. 

4. In order to ensure the correct use of the whole machine, check the tension of fan tape before start-up, find loosening and adjust in time; during the operation of the equipment, always pay attention to the reading changes of the water thermometer, take measures when it reaches above 90 degrees, and choose the nearest shady place to stop and idle to cool down, pay attention not to be able to extinguish the fire, in order to prevent it. Stop engine internal overheating and cause cylinder pulling and other accidents. When the belt temperature drops, the tension of fan tape should be further checked. 

5. Before entering summer, it is necessary to make a one-time performance test on all parts of the lubrication system in order to make the indication of oil pressure gauge and gearbox pressure gauge accurate and find out the abnormal indication of pressure gauge. It is necessary to stop the machine for checking and eliminating the defect, so as to ensure the authenticity and validity of the indication data of pressure gauge. 

6. Check whether the air pressure of the equipment tyre is too good. Because of the high temperature in summer and the equipment exposed to high temperature for a long time, it is easy to overheat the tyre, increase the internal pressure, and decrease the rubber physical properties of the tyre, so as to cause tire burst. If the tire pressure and temperature are found to be too high, the car should be parked in a cool place to cool down before continuing to drive. It is absolutely not allowed to reduce the pressure of tires by deflation or to pour hot tires in cold water.