Social responsibility report of Zhejiang Wujing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Source: Zhejiang Wujing Machinery Co., Ltd.Release time: 2023-05-15

Prepared by: Huang Jinquan
Approval: Zhu Jianfeng


First, the company selects deputy

The company was created in the 19 calendar, now observe the accumulation of the ground, on the ground accumulated hundreds of millions of square meters, more than 000 employees, is a set of research and development, production, sales mine broken Sub-machinery and resistance to the grinding steel cast into one of the province's invisible champion enterprises, provincial science and technology-type private construction enterprises, the national foundry sub-industry leader enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, the national special special new "small giant enterprises." The company annual output of a variety of patterns, pig iron sheet, sand machine, vibration sieve, washing machine, conveyor, liter machine more than 0 units, the annual production of permanganese steel, alloy steel, high chromium cast iron, medium chromium cast iron and other pig iron and other tools of wear-resistant steel, the most recent is 0. Wujing products are brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, Wujing businessmen said is the name of Zhejiang Province. Company's products far destroyed the domestic provinces and provinces: cities, districts. And the world.

Company from the construction of housing to today, won the county, city, province, the state awarded a variety of tricks, flowers, more than 00, a lot of segments, access to the state power patents, financial benefits, slugs, slugs, a variety of categories, classes, classes, sets, Tang, Jinhua, science and technology, projects, fruit awards, the company by the national mining machine standard technology, arithmetic committee listed as the number of meetings of the cabinet.

Second, the organizational structure and the product

Build a composition

Social responsibility report of Zhejiang Wujing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd